Welcome to this website! I hope you enjoy seeing my photos and reading stories!

My name is Evgeny Dubinchuk. I’m a photographer based in Russian Federation.

Travel, nature and adventure photography is my big passion.
I love to travel, because it makes my life more rich and fascinating. I’m inspired by exploring new places, different cultures, meeting interesting people. It is also a challenge, because I prefer long journeys to remote places. It’s hiking, cycling, skiing, ice skating, where I have to carry a camera and all other stuff.

Photography is my way to show everybody the beauty and diversity of the world around us. It allows to share unique moments with others, so people can see and feel the scene how I’ve seen and felt it.
My goal is to capture something that causes pleasure from looking at. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a nature or urban landscape, animals, people – everyting that I meet on the way and which I find exciting and breathtaking. These pictures can motivate people to be more active, to leave their “comfort zone”, get off the couch and go on a journey to visit amazing parts of our planet.

You can take a look at my best pictures in gallery and read my blog which contains much more pictures. However, most of the stories are available only in Russian, so you have to use any translator if you want to read, I recommend you to use Bing translator.

My achievements in photography:
– 1st place winner of “Fine Art Photography Awards 2015” photo contest (professional category “Travel”);
– Finalist of “The most beautiful country 2015” photo contest by Russian Geographical Society;
– Finalist of “International Color Awards 2015” (professional categories “Nature” and “Aerial”);
– Finalist of “Memorial María Luisa International Mountain and Nature Photo Contes 2015” (category ”Man and the mountain/nature”);
– Honorable mention winner in “Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3) 2015” photo contest (professional category “Travel”)
– 3rd place winner of “AdMe Photo Awards 2014” photo contest (Category “The joy of travel”);

Feel free to contact me at VKFacebook or e-mail